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Finally you can enjoy a whiter smile with Clip On Veneers UK. No need for timely, expensive invasive treatments. A flexible solution to perfect teeth in an instant, get the celebrity look today.

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Clip on Veneers UK
Vikki & Amy
Contact details:
Order Hotline: 01253826758 / 07763462306
After sales: 07949323292



Please note we are not dental professionals and we do not carry out the active dentistry in anyway.
Clip on Veneers are a beauty aid and a non invasive accessory.
We do not offer any dental advice, please contact your regular dentist for advice and treatment.
Also please consult your dentist before having clip on veneers to ensure that you are suitable for this aid.

Information about how to contact us

We are Clip onveneers UK.
Our telephone numbers are:

  • Order hotline: 01253826758 / 07763462306
  • After sales: 07949323292

Or alternatively visit our website:
Or email us at:

How we may contact you

If we need to contact you we will give you a telephone call or email you direct.
Once you have placed your order you will receive an email of introduction and confirmation from Clip on Veneers UK and also you will receive an order number. If you are not suitable for Clip on Veneers you will receive an email of non approval. This could take 14 days to be approved off the lab technician.
If you have any queries at any time please call our CUSTOMER SERVICE number
Order hotline: 01253826758 / 07763462306 or
After sales: 07949323292

Our products
  • Products may vary slightly from the pictures on our website.
  • All Clip on Veneers are hand crafted and are unique to each customer.
  • Product packaging may sometimes vary to images on the website.
  • Putty may change in colour but will always be two different colours.
Making sure your measurements are accurate

It is important to follow the step by step guide in your impression kit. Also watch the video on the website and contact customer service if needed. Your impressions must be completely accurate or they will not be useable. If you do need another impression kit they will be chargeable at £25 for full set and £20 for upper set.

Consult your dentist

We highly recommend you speak to your dentist before ordering any products from us.

These products are not suitable for anyone suffering from:
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Broken teeth
  • Loose bridges
  • Loose veneers
  • Loose crowns

You must get approval from your dentist to purchase.

Your rights to make changes to your products

If after receiving your clip on veneers you would like to make changes please contact us direct by email:
All Clip onveneers have a warranty of 6 months this covers breakages, not staining and we advice you do not eat or drink and sleep in clip onveneers to maintain maximum your life span on your clip on veneers. We advised you wear your clip on veneers for 2-4 hours a day, do not sleep in these.

Providing your product

Postage costs: postage costs will be covered in the full price that you pay.

Receiving the product

After we have received your impressions they will then be looked at by our laboratory technicians if for any reasons your impressions are not useable we will contact you to arrange another impression kit being delivered to you. If for any reason the technician feels he can not make these clip on veneers you will be refunded in full minus your £25 impressions kit. The turn around time for you clip on veneers is 21 working days. If there is any delays with your delivery due to unforeseen circumstances at the laboratory we will contact you via email or telephone call to give you an update of a alternative delivery date.

Special delivery

All deliveries will be posted to you using special delivery. You will receive a card through the post if you are not home, you should then go to your local post office to see if your parcel is there. We are not responsible for a signed delivery at your address which you haven’t received. That would be the delivery offices responsibility. Contact Royal Mail on 03457740740

Your responsibility for products

You are responsible for your clip on veneers and impressions kit when these parcels arrive at your delivery address. You own your self impressions kit and your clip on veneers once they have been delivered to the address you have given us.

For these reasons we will not supply you your product
  • If we have technical difficulties at the laboratory
  • If there is changes in rules and regulations
  • If we are unable to make changes requested by you
  • If we choose to suspend the supply of your product we will contact you via email or telephone conversation to discuss the problem
  • You will be refunded in full within 31 days minus £25 impression kit
  • If are unable to deliver the impressions kit or clip onveneers to the delivery address we will then try a second time to deliver if then you still don’t receive please call us on our customer service number
Ending contract

Once the clip onveneers have been purchased through the clip onveneers uk website. We have a non refundable policy. We advise you call our customer service line before purchasing if you have any questions or queries.

Problems with the product

If you have any problems with the product please contact us direct
Order hotline: 01253826758 / 077557397932 – Vikki
After sales: 07949323292 – Amy
Or email us:
We will then get back to you within 3 working days.

Impressions kits

Impressions kits are not suitable for anyone with

  • Crowns, bridges veneers
  • Milk teeth, loose teeth or baby teeth
  • Oral health issues or gum disease
  • Anyone with outstanding dental treatment or currently under going dental orthodontic treatment
  • If you are having problems taking your impressions and need further guidance please contact us direct on
    Order hotline: 01253826758 / 07763462306 or
    After sales: 07949323292
  • There will be 2 sets of impression material inside your box please take two top impressions and two bottom impressions of your teeth and post back to the laboratory in the self addressed envelope.
  • Our payment system and prices may change from time to time if you have any queries please contact us direct on the
    Order hotline: 01253826758 / 07763462306 or
    After sales: 07949323292
    alternatively you can email us on
  • You are required to pay at the end of your shopping experience on
  • You will receive payment confirmation and a receipt direct to your email address
  • All payments are made in full if the laboratory feels your not suitable for clip on veneers we will refund you in full within 31 working days minus £25 impression box fee
  • Once you have purchased you will receive a post of purchase to your email address and tag us that you are welcome to post onto your social media if you want to.

We like to see clients before and after pictures. Please email us your before and after pictures to Please state in the email that you give permission for us to use your pictures on social media. You will receive a telephone call or email after you have received your clip on veneers asking if we are able to use your before and after photos.

Website viruses

We can not guarantee that our website is completely secure from bugs and viruses. You are responsible for your own technology. You’re responsible for your computers, iPhones to have there own virus software protection.


We ship across the UK.
For out of the UK or worldwide shipping please contact us via email, or you can alternatively call the
Order hotline: 01253826758 / 07763462306 or
After sales: 07949323292